Soul Coaching: Day 9. Water Week Day 2


Focus of the day is examining the meaning you give your life.

Affirmation: "My Life Experiences have positive, powerful meanings"

It's amazing, I got a little miffy reading this one saying "Lookit, tough and hard stuff I've gone through didn't feel positive at all missy!".

Then I re-read the passages. There isn't anything about 'feeling' or 'emotions' in there. I totally made that connection and that isn't what the day or the exercise is about. Now, do I think emotions and meanings are connected? You bet. Can they change? First thought: Of course not you feel what you feel.... oops, going to reign that in.

Of course the connection of event to a reaction can be changed. Skeptical? Here's an example.

Ever see a kid walk into a wall or fall down? Then look around to see peoples reaction? Depending on the reaction of those around them, they may start to cry or just keep walking into the wall. Hey, walking into walls is fun - I do it to this day.

The connection between the event and reaction is learned. So, because we learn to cry cuz someone looks concerned, why can't we learn to react differently if we think of the scenario different?

I haven't done the exercise yet for today, so nothing to share there.

More from Day 8:
I went full out and did the Level III from yesterday and that was totally fascinating. Here are some of the things I noticed (re-reading this I didn't quite to the excerices as it's spelled out, but it was still insightful):
-the majority of the life history/events my experience was reactionary, not proactive
-almost never have I send any kind of end goal, but one did I achieve (yay!)
-the proactive things were very quick decisions, had something I had an intuitive driven to do
-the proactive things ended up in positive experiences, for the most part

It's totally wierd that it was about emotions but I didn't end up focussing on that. Then today we are talking about meaning and I'm fixated on emotions. Weird!

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Jamie said…
Fixated on emotions - that's water week for you!

I loved reading about your process. And what a great illustration of how we attach meaning to events. Brilliant!

Oh, and I just have to say, Bonk! ;)
Serena said…
i giggled at a part of your post because i actually walked into a wall yesterday....and laughed at myself. lol

i so agree that our reactions are often conditioned. it's changing that perspective, moment to moment, on so many levels that seems to be key to me right now.

great post!

love, light and peace,
Genie Sea said…
You're such a rebel! :) I love the way you write. It's so "take that!" :)

You are very right. I have noticed it too. Babies take their cues from people in deciding how to react. If they fall, and we make a huge deal of it, "ARE YOU OKAY HONEY?" (full panic mode), they weep like seasoned divas. If you laugh, they shrug it off and go about their business.

Hmm. We need to consciously stop doing that way into adulthood. You have given me food for thought, Shannon-san! :)
Sacred Suzie said…
You're right. Kids do decide on what kind of reaction they're going to have depending on other people's reactions. Interesting. Perhaps we can reprogram our reactions as adults?

Interesting about the reactionary response as oppose to the proactive response.

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