Soul Coaching Day 17 Fire Week Day 3


Okies so still Fire week eh? I wish it was warmer, doesn't feel super firey when it's so chilly out.

Today is about facing the shadow. I tried to take a pic of my shadow but it was grey out so I found an old one. Ironic isn't it because our shadow can often be old and archival in it of itself.

Affirmation of the day: "I unconditionally accept all parts of myself"
Right. Next.

Level II exercise today is let the skeletons out of the closet and I noticed I pretty much decided to ignore it. And then I realized, that's it. I often *do* ignore things. Nowhere nears as much as I used to. Currently I'm ignoring the idea of more sleep = less tired (mostly because more sleep = less stuff getting done and my lists are long.. hey my shadow has a voice!). This is nothing new, and I've actually been ignoring this one since July 2006 when I tried a little experiment in sleep and was not happy with the results. So there it is. I ignore stuff. Yep, I admit it.

psst... if I did Level I literally and changed my Should's to Could's, then Shannon would become Cannon.

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Caroline said…
Great post. I too ignore stuff (usually tasks that need to be done)...but I realized today that I need my shadow does motivate me.
Serena said…
Shannon, the Cannon....has a nice ring to it. ;) I find that ignoring doesn't usually work for me....whatever I'm ignoring just builds up until I have no choice but to act.

love, light and peace,
Leah said…
hee! i like the idea of being a cannon. what would you shoot off into the world?
Sacred Suzie said…
Very clever Cannon! Funny how your shadow hides while you're looking for it. It's good that you are now consciously ignoring stuff, doing it by reflex isn't as empowering.

I love your posts! Oh and you inspired me to put up a little movie. No sound but I did it!
Jamie said…
That's such an interesting insight about the shadow as old and archival. I'm going to think about that one, Cannon!
Genie Sea said…
You fiery Cannon YOU! :)Love your humour and insight! It's like a shot of adrenaline reading your posts! :)
Nice meeting you today :)
Ha! Funny Twitter: Home from learning about Excel. I didn't know 'array' had a meaning outside Star Trek.

I'm soooooooooooo not a Trekkie so have no idea what you mean. Ha!
Shannon said…
Nice meeting you too Teena! It's funny, 'The Array's' in Star Trek they only talk about them when something is wrong with them,.. I'm not quite sure what they are either!

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