Soul Coaching Day 16 Fire Week Day 2

I missed a few days but now I'm back in a non-written capacity. Soul Coaching Vlog entry.
Things referenced: Camera knocked over by cat Vlog entry, Jean-Claude Van Damme fans can check out my review here of JCVD.

Check out more of the The Next Chapter folks here.


danette said…
FUN! Oh Shannon what a FUN post, I love your off the cuff vlogging. And when you were flipping back through your book confused about what page we were was just like being back at school with you. ;)

Wait, did we have books?...
Jamie said…
Well, vlogging was a cool way to break the routine of blogging! WTG! And I think Gobo caught the fire week thing because he was breaking some rules too!
Anonymous said…
haha - LOVE it Shannon! Superb use of impromptu vlogging!
You are hilarious and real and inspiring all at the same time.

I feel much better right now about lagging behind so badly...I like your philosphy of just doing it.

Also your "total geek moment" in watching a Van Damme movie made me spit coffee all over my keyboard!
You Rock!
Sacred Suzie said…
I miss you! I miss you and am so happy you're vlogging and continuing doing Soul Coaching and your vlog about it totally rocked.

I wish JCVD was playing here but it wasn't so thanks for going and supporting it for us. Bummer about WoW, what's up with that? We bought the expansion pack too but aren't uploading until the weekend.

Yay for geeking, having fun and watch the fire of the lack of filter. I'm struggling with that too.
Shannon said…
Thanks so much for the comments ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed the vlogging.

Danette - haha, you mean to say I was a confused student? ;) I dont' think we had books, only paintbrushs and collage mats.

omg Gobo is definatley breaking the rules Jamie! He's been so zany!

Bohemian Single Mom - the Jean Claude Van Damme movie is really good. Really.

Suzie re: WoW I got an error when patching recently it took HOURS to patch then the game wouldn't run and said to reinstall. I was like wth? 2-3 years of patching that would be with reinstall. I hope they are on the expansion. I haven't played for ages but will be this weekend so hopefully I'll get it all sorted by then!

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