Soul Coaching: Day 10. Water Week Day 3

I found this Buddha yesterday while cleaning up. Isn't it cute?

Boy, am I living the water of water week. Today, I've been doing laundry for the past 7 hours. And no, I'm not done. So much laundry! Anyhow... what are we up to today?

Energy Zappers and Energy Juicers. I feel like I should be in a Health Centric bar or something. I totally get the premise of the zappa's and the juica's.

Affirmation: "I am moving into harmony with everyone and everything in the universe".

Ok, am I the only one who though that sounded kinda kinky?

Anyhow, I did the level III for today. I found some juicers recently and I am so thrilled about that. But,what was completely ironic is I found very few zappers on the list and I totally knew who/what they were and the are a current 'live with it until things shift' thing. But what I wonder is, I still feel super-zapped but didn't see other zappy things. Could be denial. Could be a non person non thing that is zapping. Ok, that's bringing up scary alien non corporal images.

Here's a before/after of different angles (heh, sorry.. these were the best 2) of the 'bookcase' ordeal. I like the after. My DVD's movies fit 2 shelves *perfectly*. I have more on the way and I actually have room for more! WOOT! Now that is a juicer!

(You can see Danette's rockin artwork in this one)

(Left to Right, Zap to Juice)

And the detail of the films for nosy folk like myself.

It ain't just me. Check out The Next Chapter folks here.


Genie Sea said…
We like a lot of the same movies! But then again, I love movies! hehe.

Your posts make me chuckle uncontrollably! Zappa's and Juica's!

You're not alone. I thought it sounded kinky too! But then again, I can find the kinky in practically anything. haha!

Here's to scary alien non corporal beings sticking to their scary alien non corporal sides! :)
Jamie said…
What a beautiful transformation!! That bookcase is kickin' it!

Who knew the scary alien non corporal thing would show up - they must have heard about the kinkiness! Shoo! Shoo!

Actually I think the magic banishment word is in the word verification: tattork. Tattork, scary alienas, tattork!
Allison said…
Gosh I love seeing organization occur. Good for you for documenting it!
Gemma said…
I found stuff I didn't know I had.
Buddha's cute.
Yeah what do ya do when ya live with a zappa???
peppylady said…
I believe there is a different between of denial, not knowing, or real understanding why something juices us up or zapped us.

Coffee is on.
Danette said…
you kill me. alien non corporal kink? Oh Shannon, our brunch date can't come soon enough.

I love your posts.

The "zap to juice" pic is so seductive, I'm a sucker for transformation.

Alphabetical, of course. Not Autobiographical?

Ohhh I think "tattork!" is the key! Hahahah silly aliens will be banished!

I went with pure alphabetical this time. It was a tough call but with only 90 it seemed logical. I really wanted to be non-alphabetical sequels to the right of the first film in the series, but resisted. Yes, I did actually resist!
Sacred Suzie said…
I am so glad that after the craziness about the bookcases that they are actually working and helping make your life so juicy and yummy.

You know what's totally weird? At first I thought your Buddha was a bunch of cherries! I think I must be hungry.

Burning some incense or candles may help the non-corporal crap disappear.

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