Sunday, November 30, 2008

101 in 1001 - the partials post


Delving into the realm of not perfection, some of the items on my 101 didn't quite turn out. Some I'm happy with how far it got and some not so much. Here are not quite sidelined partials.


#6 - Make a list of my favourite films, by genre.

Whelp. Didn't really do this. I love reading top ten and favourites lists, and I did write about the scariest, westerns and art house films but I don't like to narrow things down. Also, new films come out all the time... how often do you revisit these lists to update them? Sounds like maintenance to me! BOO to maintenance. I did group my reviews by genre so that is kinda similar. This is truly only a partial 'done'.

#8 - See all the Canadian films released in one calendar year (ie all the films released in 2004, but not necessarily see them in 2004)

I'm surprized I didn't get through one of these, but overall I'm happy with the results:
24/41 of the Canadian Releases in 2006
15/36 of the Canadian Releases in 2007
24/44 of the Canadian Releases in 2008 (as of November 28/08)

That's about half and the ones I haven't seen are on my list to get too. There were some awesome films in there (Bon Cop Bad Cop, The Rocket, Sharkwater, Up the Yangtze, Continental, un film sans fusil / Continental, a Film Without Guns, How She Move). There were also some real stinkers like Slither and Young Triffie. Overall, I'm thrilled I did it and will continue to commit to seeing and covering Canadian film!

#9 - See all the Oscar nominated films before the Oscar’s are presented

I'm actually surprized I put this on there. I usually try to see as many of the nominated films as I can, but there are usually a few I'm not interested in. Also, there are some films I only saw for this sake and wasn't thrilled with the results (Gangs of New York comes to mind). All that being said I think I get to at least 50% of the available films. It's a fun exercise and often leads to outings with my sister Jamie and my Mom so for that alone I'd say it's a success!

#14 - Write something about all the films I see (for the first time) throughout these 1001 days

Oh my this was ridiculously ambitious. When I started this journey I was seeing maybe 1 new film a week. My current average is 5 a week. Over the 1001 days I will have seen over 700 films and reviewed 369 as of today. Again, just over 50%! What is with that? I see so many films and write about film almost every day over at Movie Moxie so I'm considering this one complete. I'm almost amazed at how far my writing has come on this one my first review was In the Heat of the Night and my last was Twilight.


#16 - Attempt all the puzzles in a Variety Crossword puzzle book

Ok, who knew it would be so time consuming to finish a whole book? I probably should have considering how many times I've moved and packed and unpacked the same Variety Crossword Puzzles books. I got close on this one, I certainly attempted every *type* of puzzle instead of zooming to the Fill Ins and Crosstix that I love. Turns out, I still love the ones I love and the one-of's are that interesting. And those logic problems? Holy snap, who can do those? I always get them wrong if I finish them which is funny and sad!

#17 - Figure out how RSP, RRSP and Insurance work and why people use them

I figured out RSPs and Insurance when I read through The Wealthy Barber. The funniest thing was finding out that I wouldn't get insurance which left me laughing and then I never got around to the RRSP bit.

#31 - Read 1 fashion magazine a month (in process). Revisioned: Find a new podcast a month

I revisioned this one half way through but honestly I just didn't track it. I'm liking podcasts more than fashion mags and always looking for new ones - seems good enough to me!

#41 - Own only things that are beautiful or useful, or both

I've lived in three different spaces since this process began and although I didn't work on this one intentionally I've cleared out a lot of stuff I didn't like or didn't use. It's an every-growing, every-reducing perpetual cycle. For right now, I'm feeling ok with what I have. OH... once I get those freaking boxes from the bookcase to the recycling! See? It doesn't end.

#93 - Make a list of 20 books that I want to read

I read 7 1/2 of the 20. I started another 5 of those, one I'm still working on and a few I dropped after a few chapters. Of the 7 1/2 left I'd carry over 4 1/2 of them and therefore still intent to read 1984, Away, Red Mars, Sword-Sword and at least 1 guide / workbook on English. Overall I'm happy with the results here, and I ended up reading tons of books over the course of the 1001 days which was the spirit of this entry.


#38 - Keep a plant alive from ‘The Auction’ from one year to the next

They are alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept them alive for a whole year and counting. I got these plants back in October 2007 at the Auction and they all survived! This is so exciting because the first set I got in 2006 all died :(

I picked heartier plants this time and decided not to name them. I went with a spider plant, African violet, one that was already really long, a hearty looking jade-like plant and an aloe - which was the hardest to keep alive!

Here are the before and afters. With so much focus on them being just alive I didn't notice how much they have grown. I feel like such a good plant Mom.

Aloe - before

Aloe - after

African Violet - before

African Violet - after

Long Dangly one - before

Long dangly one - after

Hearty one - before

Hearty jade looking one (there is a jade plant in front of it but I'm talking about the tall one behind it).

Spider Plant - before

Spider plant - after

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soul Coaching: Wrapping Up, Wrapping In


While I'm writing this it's still Day 28, but I fell off the schedule a number of days ago. I started off pretty strong posted everyday, then some days I still read, and some I didn't do anything at all. I thought I would love fire week but I didn't and I didn't connect to Earth at all. I was about to get all 'meh I didn't do it right' when I realized I should take a look at my initial intentions for participating in the Soul Coaching journey:

1. Why it appealed: I have felt overly busy.

2. Hesitation: I wasn't sure I would have the time, but with Level 1 being 15-30 minute I say!

3. My intention is to seek clarity of vision

Now, when I think about these things. I do feel less busy and had a few moments where it felt possible to get through my lists. I found it took longer than the time stated at 15-30 because there were things like 'everyday wake up and notice...' plus reading, plus the exercise, plus thinking throughout the day, plus taking & posting pics and writing. I know the last few I should have tacked on that they would be longer as blogging through it would be more time that not.

Now, on to intention. Seeking clarity of vision. I'm getting closer on this one, but not there yet. The cool thing is that I've really decided that December will be my prep month for 2009 and I'm really looking forward to that. It's also Serendipitous timing that my 101 in 1001 comes to a close December 1, 2009. That has been a huge journey and I'm ready for closure on it too. I can feel things are a changing and what Soul Coaching and November really helped me was clear the way for that. This was also a big duh! moment as I'm pretty sure that is the *whole* intent of the book and I didn't realize it until very recently.

So as Denise Linn continually says throughout the book that just doing it is doing it (totally paraphrasing there!)

I thought this was a perfect pic to show the different weeks: Fire, Water, Air and Earth

I wanted to say a big thanks for those who came along for the ride, especially all the support though the bookcase ordeal and the days of confusion. It's been wonderful to see so many people working through a process together, to see where we hit our stride or tumble down. I'm thrilled so many of use did make it all the way through (and I'm counted myself in that, hehe!). A huge thank you to Jamie for bringing us all together.

And cuz I love pics here are some transformations of my space from start to finish.





(after - and different set up)

Sure, there is still clutter but it's leaps and bounds better than it was before and that works for me!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 19, Fire Week 5

I didn't post yesterday. I did read the affirmation and action and carry them around in my pocket but nothing more than that.

And today I read the affirmation (didn't agree with it) then look at all the exercises which were about making a fire or about celebrating death. Not quite fitting my mood today, nor my time so I'm gonna skip it. I didn't even read the whole thing.

I did find this fiery type pic of the Nine of Wands though.

It's odd - I really thought I would connect to Fire Week being a Leo, Year of the Dragon, various numerology things are 3's but I'm not feeling it. Could be that we had our first real snow yesterday and it's still in that cold-but-not-acclimatized stage. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 17 Fire Week Day 3


Okies so still Fire week eh? I wish it was warmer, doesn't feel super firey when it's so chilly out.

Today is about facing the shadow. I tried to take a pic of my shadow but it was grey out so I found an old one. Ironic isn't it because our shadow can often be old and archival in it of itself.

Affirmation of the day: "I unconditionally accept all parts of myself"
Right. Next.

Level II exercise today is let the skeletons out of the closet and I noticed I pretty much decided to ignore it. And then I realized, that's it. I often *do* ignore things. Nowhere nears as much as I used to. Currently I'm ignoring the idea of more sleep = less tired (mostly because more sleep = less stuff getting done and my lists are long.. hey my shadow has a voice!). This is nothing new, and I've actually been ignoring this one since July 2006 when I tried a little experiment in sleep and was not happy with the results. So there it is. I ignore stuff. Yep, I admit it.

psst... if I did Level I literally and changed my Should's to Could's, then Shannon would become Cannon.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 16 Fire Week Day 2

I missed a few days but now I'm back in a non-written capacity. Soul Coaching Vlog entry.
Things referenced: Camera knocked over by cat Vlog entry, Jean-Claude Van Damme fans can check out my review here of JCVD.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Soul Coaching Water Week Day 5

Today is about, or was about being still / doing nothing. I was still. I sat a lot in the theatre while watching about 8 hours of film. I wasn't doing nothing though. I had a few moments of doing nothing first thing in the morning between smacking the snooze button. And they were lovely moments indeed, until my cat would try to eat my hair or lick my nose - I know he means well though.

Affirmation of the day: "In the centre of my being, there is always stillness and peace".

Um, no. And... no thanks. I usually try to find where in the affirmation I can connect with or what I believe in but this one. Nope. Nada. Not a one. Stillness does not appeal. Peace is a little more challenging to brush off - cuz the world peace hell ya I'm up for that. But like, inner calm peace? Don't think I've experienced that and not sure I will. Also there was a mention in the book to how only people who have inner peace can build for world peace that got me a little steamy.

But, it's already after midnight so ... I'll just keep trekking.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 11. Water Week Day 4


Dangaroo I was hoping to get this up before midnight! Ah wells, I'll just pretend I'm PST or something.

So, wow, today started so long ago I can't remember much other than I chose to look at my relationship with Opening Nights. Sounds weird eh? Well, considering I've been at a fair few dance recitals, worked at, in and around theatre and now I'm currently covering the film festivals in Toronto I have a pretty lengthly list of Opening Night experiences.

There is always a wild and energetic energy that surrounds an opening night. Within that, it can range from haphazard to exclusive with security. I've gone from being someone *in* the show (many many moons ago), to the person with the list, to someone on the list. I think I like being on the list the best. One thing that rocks about opening night is getting to dress up, getting to people watch and also usually the opportunity to see rockin' works of art.

Speaking of, gotta get back at it. I've got pics, vids and reviews to write over at Movie Moxie. I'll be covering the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival until Sunday. I'll still be Soul Coaching away but it might be a bit all over the place!

Update: here & see me vlog and talk all about the opening experience!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soul Coaching: Day 10. Water Week Day 3

I found this Buddha yesterday while cleaning up. Isn't it cute?

Boy, am I living the water of water week. Today, I've been doing laundry for the past 7 hours. And no, I'm not done. So much laundry! Anyhow... what are we up to today?

Energy Zappers and Energy Juicers. I feel like I should be in a Health Centric bar or something. I totally get the premise of the zappa's and the juica's.

Affirmation: "I am moving into harmony with everyone and everything in the universe".

Ok, am I the only one who though that sounded kinda kinky?

Anyhow, I did the level III for today. I found some juicers recently and I am so thrilled about that. But,what was completely ironic is I found very few zappers on the list and I totally knew who/what they were and the are a current 'live with it until things shift' thing. But what I wonder is, I still feel super-zapped but didn't see other zappy things. Could be denial. Could be a non person non thing that is zapping. Ok, that's bringing up scary alien non corporal images.

Here's a before/after of different angles (heh, sorry.. these were the best 2) of the 'bookcase' ordeal. I like the after. My DVD's movies fit 2 shelves *perfectly*. I have more on the way and I actually have room for more! WOOT! Now that is a juicer!

(You can see Danette's rockin artwork in this one)

(Left to Right, Zap to Juice)

And the detail of the films for nosy folk like myself.

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A Week in Pictures

With all the Soul Coaching posting I almost forgot to post my weekly pics!

From the world of the totally bizarre. It's not a grocery cart, nor a basket but a mixin' of the two. Roll those groceries around, close to the floor at tipping angles. Weird.

Waiting for Quarantine to start.

Read "New Moon" in anticipation of Twilight opening next week. Now I can't wait to get my hands on the third book.

Apparently it wasn't a very interesting day.

More fun day! Hanging out with the Jamie.

The battle of the bookcases.

Putting the finishing touches on my Gryffindor scarf.

What is Project 365? See Jamie's post on Project 365 for all the details.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Soul Coaching: Day 9. Water Week Day 2


Focus of the day is examining the meaning you give your life.

Affirmation: "My Life Experiences have positive, powerful meanings"

It's amazing, I got a little miffy reading this one saying "Lookit, tough and hard stuff I've gone through didn't feel positive at all missy!".

Then I re-read the passages. There isn't anything about 'feeling' or 'emotions' in there. I totally made that connection and that isn't what the day or the exercise is about. Now, do I think emotions and meanings are connected? You bet. Can they change? First thought: Of course not you feel what you feel.... oops, going to reign that in.

Of course the connection of event to a reaction can be changed. Skeptical? Here's an example.

Ever see a kid walk into a wall or fall down? Then look around to see peoples reaction? Depending on the reaction of those around them, they may start to cry or just keep walking into the wall. Hey, walking into walls is fun - I do it to this day.

The connection between the event and reaction is learned. So, because we learn to cry cuz someone looks concerned, why can't we learn to react differently if we think of the scenario different?

I haven't done the exercise yet for today, so nothing to share there.

More from Day 8:
I went full out and did the Level III from yesterday and that was totally fascinating. Here are some of the things I noticed (re-reading this I didn't quite to the excerices as it's spelled out, but it was still insightful):
-the majority of the life history/events my experience was reactionary, not proactive
-almost never have I send any kind of end goal, but one did I achieve (yay!)
-the proactive things were very quick decisions, had something I had an intuitive driven to do
-the proactive things ended up in positive experiences, for the most part

It's totally wierd that it was about emotions but I didn't end up focussing on that. Then today we are talking about meaning and I'm fixated on emotions. Weird!

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Soul Coaching: Week Two, Day 1 or Day 8 overall..hmm


Ok, I want to say week two day 1 but it's really day 8! Hmm, what to do! And why do I feel so strongly about it?

Funny it's water week day 1 and I'm totally been digging the fluids. In part to a small fever and I'm going with rest & fluids. Plus, I spent 3+hrs enjoying the underwater craziness of Das Boot. I love submarine films, especially when they have to sonar sound. I have no idea why.

So, what do we have for today - affirmation is

"I unconditionally accept my feelings.. and what I feel is not who I am"

Ok, I'm really not connecting to that one. Why bother accepting something that isn't part of who I am. I always feel like the loop-hole-finder with the affirmations. They do make me think though, although my first reaction is a big smart-ass knee jerk kinda thought.

I haven't done the exercise yet, but wanted to post anyway. I have some pics from yesterday. A rocking graffiti that seemed quite timely, as well as moments with the bookcases (1 down, 2 to go).


"Insert screwdriver on an angle to secure screw". Really? Are you kidding me bookcase instructions?


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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 7

Quick post as I'm in the middle of something that I know when I'm done I won't be feeling like posting. I know one thing for sure, I am *not* here to put bookcases together!

I have to admit I thought todays affirmation and exercise didn't feel like they matched the same 'stage' of something. The affirmation "I am enough" feels like a completeness. Yes, yes I know it's about acceptance but that wasn't what resonated with me. Also, my first thought was "Enough for what?"

The task is all about why you (well, I really) are here. To me this felt like it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta left field. I mean earlier this week we were decluttering 1 drawer and know we are suppose to define out existence? Seemed like shifting from gear 1 to gear 5 and being launched there out of a cannonball or something. Isnt' there something in between?

I did think about the days task of listening in and it felt ironic that it was a day of chores, and I kept thinking "I don't think I'm here to buy grapes" and such. The day isn't over yet, and neither are the bookcases. No pics on this one, hopefully I'll have some tomorrow.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 6


Day 6 - Lightening Up - Letting Go While Doing More Clutter-Clearing

The above is a work in process and hopefully a 'before' of what will later have an awesome 'after' shot. I'm thrilled we are still on decluttering!

Today I did this huge switcharoo deal of 'the bookcases'. Both my sisters (Hi Suzie & Jamie!) know of this. Back at the end of the summer my Mom said she was looking for short depth bookcases to put in her closet. I had some, and for the most part would be happy with taller bookcases in the same place. She suggested buying tall ones, getting them to me and then I could give her my small ones. Sounds simple right? My schedule (and space) have both been jam packed and neither of us has a car. But after some time and help from one of my Mom's friend it actually all happened.

In the process of clearing the bookshelves, I had an opportunity to clear out a bunch of stuff (still a work in process though). I can't tell you how much I was filled with joy as I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I'm moved several times and never really liked in the first place. Actually this was mostly foodstuffs that got green'd and packaging that was recycled. All that and saving the planet too!

But that wasn't actually the task of the day. When I read todays section in the book I looked at the options of Level I, II or III and I actually kinda cheated. The one that popped out the most to me was Level II - make time in your schedule to relax. I didn't pick Level I becuase I didn't really want to do chair & stare strangly. But I didn't actually do Level II either. I did, however, acknowledge something cool. I am a chronic over scheduller. I honestly don't have a free day in November except the day that I wrote in all caps on my daytimer "Do not schedule anything today!" But, earlier this week I hung out with some of my new film buddies, one for coffee and the other for lunch. I was shocked at how the energy of this wasn't a 'another thing to do' kinda thing, but was totally invigorating. I left with new ideas, possibilities, hunches, suggestions and the invitation to do both again - and soon. I actually gained energy spending time in this way. And, I had fun and fabulous company - totally cool!

My cat appears to like decluttering

Affirmation of the Day:

"I am safe and centred no matter where I am"

Initial response: Ok.
YAY! Finally a non grr or huh? reaction to the affirmation!

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 5


With it being air week and all I was mildly looking forward to headed out to my old (suburban - sigh) stomping grounds where the air is always cleaner, clearer and brighter. Low and behold not so much today. First, as I headed out in the morning there was clearly a skunk somewhere in the near vicinity recenty (hey, I noticed - that itself is a good sign, right?). But, the kicker is when I finally got out to this suburban area, it was a complete construction wasteland. It looks like what was once a gas station was being transformed into something. So, not only does it take forever to get there, the one thing I was looking forward to was quashed. Good thing I had a good book with me!

So, the task of the day for use Level I's was to theoritically or literally pick up items and notice if they bring our energy up or down. Of course good intentions and the need to clear more clutter with with me today but here at almost 10:30pm and with other commitments overriding I haven't done this.

To be fair, I've moved many times in the past several years and almost feel like I don't have much more to give up. Sure, there are scattered newspapers and the occasional book or film that I've consumed that I'm ready to pass on. But, overall what I'm left with is a-ok and I rarely buy anything unless I quite like it so it doesn't feel like there is much low energy around. That being said I know tomorrow and the weekend will definitely have some decluttering time.

As for today's affirmation:

"Fresh, invigorating energy files my life"

To which I noted "OK".

YAY! Finally one I don't fuss and mutz about!

How was your Day 5?

A long, dark, concrete tunnel to almost nowhere.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 4

I gotta say, I'm feeling more than slightly resistant today. I'm miffed I didn't declutter yesterday. Really, I could have found 15 minutes - there isn't really any excuse. Of course I can always declutter later, there will always be more clutter.

Even though I read the Day 4 passage this morning and carted around my affirmation written down in my back pocket ("I love and accept who I am... and who I am is enough"), I really wasn't feeling it today. My normally yakity yak stream of consiousness inner voice was surprizingly quiet today. Even when I consciously said to myself "Ok, what I am I thinking about" I didn't even hear critckets - it's really bizarre.

I could be that we are still in the finding out "who I am" stage. I've never had a problem knowing who I am. I've known since before I could talk, and when I did talk I probably said "I'm Shannon! Who are you?".

I'm gonna keep trucking along. We shall see what unfolds as the days march on.

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My inner voice has nothing to say other than Go Away! :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 3

I took this on November 1st when I was thinking about air as a concept, and how it could be photographed. I came up with that you needed to show things around it to prove that it was there, or that air wasn't where the things were themselves. All in all it looks like crossed wires, which feels rather fitting.

Woohoo for clearing clutter day. I like a task like this and I do intent to attend to it later today.

Progress on other stuff - I kept with my avoid I committed to yesterday, but I did cave and bought some other crap food. It was one of those days.

Affirmation of the day: "There is clarity within and around me"

Initial thoughts: Even though fog? Is clarity tangible? Does it penetrate through depth perception?

I actually have been thinking about this all day and I do believe it, but it feels like for the wrong reason. I wish I could say I saw happy things and went Yes! Clarity! Me likey! But no, it was the reverse for the most part with things popping up in front of me going "You don't wanna go there girl" or "This isn't a place for you". Are these good things to know? Of course. But, it made for quite the draining day.

Ok - was just about to declutter when realized I had nowhere to put the decluttered stuff, and that there was nothing in that area to recycle/throw out it was all already organized. Then, I thought I would pay my bills cuz that is a similar to decluttering - but nothing was actually due. Harmph. I going to check through and update my to do list to declutter my brain. Then I'm calling it a night for anything that could be considered productive, other than leveling my Bright Wizard or Rune Priest in Warhammer.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Soul Coaching - Week One, Day 2


Ok, I can see this process will be more of a challenge during a daylighting day. My original idea was to wake up early to read the chapter. Haha. That might have worked if I didn't wake up for a few hours in the middle of the night. Also, I'm not a morning person anyway and 'wake up earlier' sounds not like me at all.

So, I read the Week One, Day 2 stuff on the bus. No journalling about it (yet!) and now, 14 hours laters I only really remember the affirmation:

"I honour my commitment to myself and others"

First thoughts - Um, year I do that.
Second thoughts - Well, I do that with others
Third thoughts - not loving the term 'honour', feels too heavy or regulated

I feel more comfortable with "I meet my commitments to others" and I would be lying if I said I do this with myself but today I have so far.

'Air' stuff - not really focused on that, although those hours through the night there was a lot of 'clearing' done so maybe that is the connection there. I'm not one to breathe deeply and such.

I'm going with Level I today and considering its' 10pm and I know what I'm doing for 1 of the 2 hours left in the day any of the time constraint ones is setting me to not-understanding / feeling overwhelmed mode. I'm going to do one of the avoids instead, and I hope I make it through 27 days of not picking up breakfast like noted below. I fell back into this pattern recently and it's really bad! Especially when I actually made something healthy to eat as alternative!

That's the insight for today! How was your day?

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December 2019 TBR

Happy December All! It's time to look at the books I plan on reading in December. I have three different things I'm working on...