A week in pictures

A rather uneventful week considering I spend the majority of it sick. I'm feeling like I'll be feeling ok soon.


Tried a new recipe out of the Jamie Oliver cookbook I got for Christmas. It was for the beans - cooked with leeks to creamy goodnes. The steak is just cooked how I always cooks steak.


Listened to the /filmcast


The sign up high said something I found funny. This was the only pic I took that day so sometimes you get what you get!


Home sick - fun.


Sick still.. but apparently was nothing specific. But I checked to be sure!


Loaded up some entertainment.


Multitasking! Watching, surfing and cat cuddles.

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Jamie said…
That last pic is so cozy!! I'm glad Gobo's giving you cuddles. Too bad he hasn't learned how to make a cup of tea yet!

And I love the TTC sign too!

Hope you're feeling much, much better, really, really soon.
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh so hard when you're sick Shannon, still interesting pictures as usual! I wonder which Jamie Oliver book that is? I really want one based on his cooking from home show, if it exists, LOL. Food looks really good!

Glad you got some well-deserved rest Shannon and had Gobo to keep you company.
danette said…
hey, are those...PLANTS? so many! so big! wow. i love your checkered floor and (not checkered) bookshelves..one day i'll have to actually see your apartment.:)

i hope you feel better soon. enjoy the stack of entertainment. i look forward to chatting about choke.

have you seen charlie bartlett? we just rented it tonight.

sending you virtual chicken soul soup. made from the souls of real chickens!

try to find that in a jamie oliver book. ;)

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