A Week In Pictures

Yummy R23.
Had a few storms this week, this was the beginning of one of them.
Random picture.
Pretending to be random picture.
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit with Jamie.
Herb garden is growing!
Play time.

To join in on the 365 Project, see Jamie's post on Project 365 for all the details.


Sacred Suzie said…
Oh your herb garden is LOVELY Shannon! I just adore it. I heart it very much. I wanted to do one like that this year, maybe next.

That meal looks amazing! Yummy. Mmmmm.....

That moving green accidental shot is fantastic and your conscious accidental one is too cool.

I love seeing you and Jamie in the reflection. Wonderful Shannon!
Shannon said…
I didn't even notice you could see us in the reflection, isn't that hilarious!
Jamie said…
These pictures are so beautiful. The textures are just delicious.
Jamie said…
And I totally want to go out for R23 again!
kim said…
*waves* Hi! I am a friend of your sister's, Suzie.
Mollie Bryant said…
I like the one that is pretending, as it makes me feel like I'm sliding towards something lovely.
Jessie said…
happy birthday, shannon! i especially love the photo that is trying to be random. ;)

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