Week in Pictures

While I've written about most of my week over at Movie Moxie about the adventures at the Worldwide Short Film Festival, here is the behind the scenes look on Planet Shannon.


A stroke of luck at Biz Depot that they sell fans. I needed a second one it this crazy Toronto weather. Mostly put together sans instructions - go me!


This kinda feels like a Whatzit? eh?


Taking a break between screenings to catch some air.


No clue on this, your guess is as good as mine.


Getting some writing done at the Daily Express.


Star Trek Bus! Well, not really... but kinda!


Just cuz it's pretty.

To join in on the 365 Project, See Jamie's post on Project 365 for all the details.


Jamie said…
I loved these pictures. I love the-- Oh, should I give away what the Whatzit was? or at least what I thought it was?

And that's a very beautiful picture of you.

Love the Star Trek bus!
Shannon said…
You go right ahead and take a guess! I bet you do know what it is :)

Thanks! I thought that pic of me was pretty swell :)

It was an odd but fun week!
Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, those pics are awesome and I love that you include the ones you have no idea what they are. Great pic of you taking a breather at the fest too! Odd and fun sounds like a great week to me too.
Jana B said…
I LOVE that pic of you... you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Hehe a Star Trek bus! I wanna ride one!!!!!!!!!

That last one WAS very pretty. I'm glad you added it. :)

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