365 week in pictures


Headed out to meet a friend at a local spot.


Started, and quickly finished The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominque Bauby. I enjoyed the film more, but I did see it first.


Skype chatting with Suzie! FUN!!!!


Waiting for the power to return on the TTC with an early am power out. Lots of transit delays with week for some reason.


Hanging out with Jamie! We saw The Forbidden Kingdom at the Bloor, fun movie but you have to look at it as a kids film. (Sorry it's so dark! the one with the flash turned out .. weird..)


I loved how the letters matched up between the wires here. City scapes ftw.


All the pieces for the bag I'm knitting. It will be the first time for me to join a bunch of pieces together. Wish me luck!

To join in on the 365 Project, See Jamie's post on Project 365 for all the details.


Jamie said…
OMG I love that picture of you and Suzie skyping. That is the best! And your bag looks awesome. It's so cool to have a preview!
Jessie said…
Hey Shannon~ I just read your post about how you got out of debt and LOVED it! I just bookmarked it on my computer so that I can go back to it often and be inspired by you. I'm also going to look into your book suggestions. This is something that I'm working on really hard these days and so I'm glad that you decided to share about your experience. That is an incredible accomplishment and so I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS! :)

And, you know, even your weekly photos are always an inspiration to pay attention to and appreciate the little things in daily life. Happy knitting and, if my mom ever has any extra to get rid of, I'll know who to send it to! (my mom has a ridiculously large stash of yarn and has been trying to down-size). ;)
Sacred Suzie said…
OMG, MY HOUSE IS SO MESSY! How embarrassing! LOL. I love the pic though, made me laugh just like our call did. Man, R has got to clean up that room!

Look at all the amazing colours in these photos, especially the knitting and the graffiti, I love that! Your knitting absolutely amazes me Shannon, you are so talented!
Shannon said…
First, I just have to say lol Suzie... I'd say everyones house looks like that (and R was doing homework in the background no?).

Skype chatting is so fun! I make sure if I take an other pic I'll run it by the person first ;)

Jessie - thanks so much for your comment, I'm glad my get out of debt post was an inspiration. It truly is possible!

I do love yarn. I think my love of kitchenware (plates and such) has been replaced by yarn. It feels a bit better too because the yarn can be used!

Suzie, the stuff I knitted there was all really easy, and a combination of 2 different stitches. Albeit it feels easy now after a year and a half (!) of knitting. I can show you the next time we are together if you'd like!
Sacred Suzie said…
Thanks for making me feel better about the condition of my house Shannon! LOL! So knitting is easy? Really? I'd love for you to show me, that is just the coolest you can do that through Skype and I still find it almost impossible to believe that it's free. Amazing!
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to thank you for your post on getting out of debt. I came here via Suzie's blog.
You rock!

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