Sunday, May 11, 2008

A week or so in pictures

A week or so in pictures. A window into my world.


Nap time for kitty cat (isn't it always?)


Creative graffiti .. on the ceiling of the bus shelter.


Movie time!


Home sick :(


Updating my film database of films seen


Cutie pie!


A rainy Saturday.


It exists! My own street!


More movie time!


Waiting for the streetcar.


Um, time to tidy up methinks.


Research materials!


Greenery! And... they are my plants!



To join in on the 365 Project, See Jamie's post on Project 365 for all the details.


Jamie said...

I just love this window into your world. How cool that you have your very own street!

Sacred Suzie said...

Awesome photos! I love the sick day one, you still have the cutest feet (and pjs) on the planet Shannon. Your plants are doing so well, way to go!

Sometime I hope you can tell me hope you managed to put up such wide images without messing up the template, I love how they look on your blog!

Shannon said...

hehe... I did something creative with the view and template.

I switched it to Minima Stretch to get the big pics, but it defaults to a white background so I had to reset all the individual colours to make it look like how my blog originally did.

I loved that there is a street by my name! I can't beleive it took me 10+ years to actually end up walking by it!

Jana B said...

The plant is still alive!!!!

I wonder if there is a Jana St, somewhere?? I know I have a restaurant, but a whole street would be way more impressive!

I love your jammies!!!! (hehe and your cute little feet. I was talking to a friend about you today... "Yeah, I finally met someone who wears my same size shoes, and she's even my SAME HEIGHT!!!!" I think she may have thought I was lying lol

Your cat is GORGEOUS.