Where the money goes


$0.07 1 head of garlic
$0.24 tax
$0.38 tax
$0.47 random item - likely produce
$0.48 3 oranges
$0.49 green onions
$0.80 2 tomatoes
$0.87 romaine lettuce *
$0.97 chocolate bar (hides)
$1.05 tax
$1.27 basil
$1.47 sunflower seeds
$1.47 black olives
$1.47 1lb strawberries *
$1.47 mushrooms
$1.47 1lb strawberries *
$1.80 3 yellow peppers *
$2.08 3 red peppers *
$2.09 Diet Coke
$2.27 toothpaste
$2.37 1L Skim Milk
$3.49 Almonds
$3.67 Feta cheese
$4.44 Cheese *
$4.99 Frozen Fruit
$5.99 Quinoz's
$6.99 Potato & Leek soup
$54.62 Total

I caved and bought some bad stuff like chocolate - oopsies!

On the menu this week: Beef Strogenoff, Dijon Pork, Summery salads and soup. This list doesn't seem to reflect that due to the stuff I already had in the freezer and pantry.

* indicates item was on sale


Sacred Suzie said…
Quiznos....Quiznos! Oh how I am crazy that right now. :)

Again, look at all the fresh food and how the heck do you carry all that home?!

I made my veggies and dip last night, I'm a real grazer so that worked well. Thanks for the recipes and proportions!
Shannon said…
Hehe, actually compartively that was a small shop with not to much heavy (canned or liquid items), so most went in my satchel and I always bring some cloth bags too.

Sounds like the veggies and dip went over well! I enjoy having those every once in a while too, even if it isn't a holiday or occasion.

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