Where the Money Goes

0.66 carrots *
0.77 cucumber *
0.87 3 apples *
0.99 Ravioli - chef boyardi
1.86 5 oranges *
1.99 lunchmeat - kielbasa *
2.47 becel *
2.69 stone ground whole wheat bread
3.17 yogurt
3.25 chocolate cake (bad bad!! I only ate 1/ 2though…)
3.27 bran bars
3.28 salad bar
3.49 pistachios
6.99 homemade soup (3 servings)
35.75 Total

* indicates on sale

Not much on the menu this week. Soup/salad/sandwich combos for lunches & mini dinners, plus stuff in the freezer for dinner. Not very exciting but keeping it simple as I'm busy and put the money saved to new shoes. Or, really bought new shoes therefore kept it simple :)



Jamie said…
I love this shot. How is that yogourt?
Sacred Suzie said…
I actually get Astro quite a lot, lately I've been getting the President's Choice one myself but I personally like Astro too. Chef Boyardi eh? That's like me and Prego. The classics! You do such an amazing job with food Shannon!
Shannon said…
The yogurt is great, I have it with defrosted, or semi defrosted fruit as breakkie during the weekdays.

Chef Boyardi is bad bad bad. But, I tend to have it for lunch after grocery shopping cuz it's quick and easy and yummy.

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