Where the Money Goes


$0.10 1 jalepeno pepper
$0.10 2 bags
$0.47 2 bananas
$0.79 mini apple pie
$0.87 can of black beans
$0.89 2 rolls paper towels
$0.93 gum
$0.99 bag of mini carrots
$0.99 cabbage
$0.99 lettuce
$1.15 celery
$1.19 3 red peppers *
$1.29 5 oranges
$1.34 2 cucumbers *
$1.47 chef boyardee
$1.67 Soup *
$1.67 Soup *
$1.67 Soup *
$1.67 Soup *
$1.81 green grapes *
$1.87 Chicken sausage
$1.87 FF Sour Cream
$1.90 5 oranges
$1.93 5 gala apples
$1.97 1 lb mushrooms *
$1.99 Beef pies *
$1.99 Beef pies *
$1.99 Chicken pies *
$1.99 potato chips
$2.37 1L skim milk
$2.37 Oats
$2.59 12 lg eggs
$2.79 Ham - lunchmeat
$2.97 8 rolls tp
$2.97 salsa
$3.27 Bran Bars
$3.47 OJ
$3.49 72 bags of tea
$3.49 almonds
$3.57 Fantastic
$3.88 tax
$3.97 Frozen fruit *
$3.97 Frozen fruit *
$4.39 Shepard's Pie (ready made)
$4.99 Spenda (ouch on how much this was)
$5.76 crab salad (ready made)
$8.99 Cat Food
$108.85 Total

This was for 2 weeks and I am surprized I was under budget by $10+. I picked up a lot of convenience stuff as it was quite the busy time. OH! I saved that $10 to pick up home-made style soup from the grocery store by work so I can have that during the week along with salad. I caved a bunch with week and bought some non healthy stuff, which tends to go hand in hand with the busy thing.

On the menu this week: Mushroom/peameal bacon pasta (see pic below), black bean tortillas, sausage/cabbage/barley something - new recipe! I hope it's a good one.

* indicates item was on sale



Sacred Suzie said…
Yummy! Oh that looks so good.

Again, super impressed with the shopping here when it comes to quality and price. It's good to have pre-prepared-type foods when you're busy. Frozen fruit is an excellent idea. I've been living off smoothies lately and could save some money by going the frozen route and might as well!
Shannon said…
It was a pretty good week! The prepared stuff I got mostly for lunches.

So far I'm liking the frozen fruit, I'm not sure if that is a great deal on it but it was on say and it's yummy. I got 2 kinds - one is all berries the other is more like melon/pineapple. My plan is to have it with yogurt. We'll see!

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