Where the money goes...


$0.10 2 bags
$0.33 1 lime
$0.47 tomato paste
$0.63 1 green pepper
$0.87 Crispy Crunch
$0.87 romaine lettuce *
$0.89 Kinder Egg
$0.89 lil white beans
$0.89 red kidney beans
$0.97 kippers
$1.18 2 lemons
$1.19 water
$1.23 Tax
$1.47 mushrooms
$1.47 sunflower seeds
$1.65 1 sausage
$1.77 tuna
$1.79 5 oranges - some kinda mix of tangerines and something else
$2.29 6x applesauce
$2.30 3 red peppers *
$2.37 1L skim milk
$2.47 crispbread
$2.69 stone ground whole wheat bread
$2.77 lg can of peaches
$2.79 6 peppercorn turkey slices
$2.97 almosds
$2.98 green grapes
$2.99 hummus
$3.17 fat free sugar free aspertane free Yogurt
$3.21 2 chicken fingers
$3.47 4x small containers cottage cheese
$3.99 peameal bacon
$59.12 Total

Wow, I thought I did good this week then I found all the little receipts from daily pick ups here and there. I'm still on budget (just under actually) so that is the important part!

Breakfasts are oranges, almonds and bran flakes. Not together of course! And on the weekend I'm gonna try the peameal bacon with eggs whites & toast.

Lunches are turkey/cheese sandwiches and tuna salads

Snacks are veggies, fruit, crispbread and hummus

Dinner menu items include: mushroom/turkey pasta, chicken & bean soup (I had the chicken), baked beans

* indicates item was on sale


Sacred Suzie said…
Amazing! I am CONSTANTLY amazed at how healthy you're eating Shannon and can see the potential for all those foods to get you through the week. I am also super curious as to what the kippers are for, kippers?! I didn't even know you could guy those, LOL.
Shannon said…
haha.. you must have missed the chocolate in there :) I do eat some crap though but I'm trying to be good!

Mom picked up some kippers recently and she said they tasted like oysters so I thought I would try them. I had no idea there were herring! But hey, if they are yummy (and surprizingly cheap) and get me healthy fish stuff I'll be happy. I hope I like them.
At the store, they were by the other canned fish: tuna/crab/salmon etc.
Sacred Suzie said…
Oysters? Really?! Hmm....maybe I'd like them too. Yes, getting those oils is so important and a bit of a challenge. I've actually started to use anchovies in my sauces, they really do dissolve once they're heated but so do their healing properties. I hope you like the kippers, I'm so curious!

P.S. Little treats are imperative to our spiritual well being, that's my story anyway

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