Where the money goes...


$0.05 bag
$0.43 1 serving green beans
$0.77 celery *
$0.77 cucumber *
$0.78 2 green peppers
$1.03 tax
$1.04 1 red pepper
$1.33 5 bananas
$1.35 1/2 L Milk
$1.49 3lb carrots
$1.67 cream cheese *
$1.69 1/2 L Milk for tea at work
$1.79 6 whole wheat pitas
$1.89 frozen peas
$1.92 5 apples
$1.97 5 granola bars *
$2.37 12 taco shells
$2.49 Mocha cake (1 piece)
$2.79 6 slices turkey
$2.97 Nacho chips
$2.97 8 rolls tp
$2.97 bacon
$2.99 hummus
$3.17 ground turkey
$3.49 pistachios
$3.69 72 teabags
$4.44 smoked salmon
$4.47 1lb butter
$5.97 Lg brick of cheese *
$6.97 23ish chicken strips *

$71.72 Total

Expensive week! I went over budget - whoops! I totally forgot that I picked up stuff during the week, and then I spend just under budget there but I already spend $15 or so. I'm also coming clean because there is a bunch of yummy stuff that I soooo didn't need (cake, chips, pistachios...) but oh well. Some weeks are like that.

How was your week?

* = item was on sale.


Loes said…
How good of you to make a list like this, so you know where your money goes. I keep telling myself for months already I should keep track of my epxenses, but somehow I never do...

And I totally didn't need the tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookies, but you're right, some weeks just are like that. Glad I'm not the only one! :0)
Sacred Suzie said…
I think you did great! Cheese is so expensive, between that and meat...!!!

Look at all the fresh food you buy, I love that. Super healthy Shannon. I haven't been eating enough veggies, thanks for the inspiration.

I made a very modest dinner for Ostara but I haven't been able to go out and buy groceries since Tuesday and man, the cupboards are bare. Turn on the breadmaker!
Jamie said…
I love that you're doing these posts. It always makes me wonder what your menu is this week!
Shannon said…
I know my menu for the week! I can share:

Breakfasts are banana's (woot) and some all bran.

Lunches are turkey & cheese sandwichs or hummus & pita. All with a healthy side of carrots/celery/peppers/cuc's.

Snacks: gala apples & peanut granola bars.

Dinners are taco's made with ground turkey + assorted veg or chicken fingers with plum sauce and a side of peas!

I have really long days with week so it's likely a little more than I need to make sure I last the whole day.

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