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Recently I've been following some great personal finance blogs (Give Me My Five Bucks Back, On the Bright Side of Debt)and a lot of people post their budgets. I'm a little to paranoid to post my complete budget, but I have been looking at and thinking about the grocery lists and food budgets. I was amazed that the standard seems to be around $150/month. For many years I set my food budget to $40/week (roughly $160/month) and I found I almost always felt like I came up short and would end up digging into my spending money. For the past while I've worked on a $60/week budget and although most weeks I only spend $40-50. I do include almost anything I could buy

Some background on where this money actually goes. I only make food for me, and I prefer to have home cooked meals. I usually cook 3 dinners a week that are 2+portions, so that will cover the rest of the dinners for the week (one night I go out, and that is a different budget) and sometimes lunches as well. I brown bag lunch, which if it isn't leftover is sandwiches (meat&cheese) or hummus & pita, with veggies and fruit for snacks. I'm one of those people that tends not to eat breakfast, I usually just have a banana. And tea. Lots of tea. I also include almost anything you could buy at grocery store in this budget, household & paper products, cat food & litter.

Anyhow, here is where the money went this week. Menu's are Beef & Broccoli, Greek Chicken Pita's and Mushroom/Bacon. A bunch of items I already had in stock (beef, bread, pitas, etc)

$0.07 ginger
$0.43 1 plum tomato
$0.98 5 bananas
$0.99 carrots
$0.99 snow peas
$1.47 strawberries *
$1.97 Teriyaki Sauce
$1.97 mushrooms
$2.44 2 red peppers
$2.47 Bran Flakes *
$2.49 Turkey slices
$2.97 TP (8rolls)
$2.99 Tzatziki
$2.99 Crunchy made from rice snacks
$3.44 Tropicana OJ (2.84L) *
$3.89 8 slices swiss cheese
$4.06 2 skinless chicken breasts
$4.99 Bacon
$10.47 Cat Food
$2.13 Tax

$54.20 Total

* - item on sale

This was more than I was expecting, I got tzatziki instead of yogurt but resisted any impulse buys. There was the big purchase because I needed cat food. Well, my cat needed cat food.....



Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, you amaze me with your budget for food. That's one area that I spend a lot of money and I make pretty much everything from scratch. Perhaps it's because of who I am cooking for, LOL. I think your ability to eat and live well on your budget is amazing. I wish I could do that!

So nice to see the Gobo guy!
Shannon said…
Hey Suzie,

Thanks so much! I do try really hard to stick to my budget and one thing that helps is to really know my habits.

Another thing to remember - this is a budget for one, not two which makes a huge difference!
Jamie said…
That is so fascinating, Shannon. What a great grocery list. I was struck by all the yummy healthiness on it. And that you got ginger for under 10 cents!
Jamie said…
Oh, and totally cute pic of Gobo and a new view of your space.
Marilyn said…
My food budget would look extraordinarily different if I lived alone...(sigh)... :)

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