A Sunday at Shannon’s

Recently I’ve been of the mind to not plan anything on Sundays, when in actuality I always plan for Sundays. What I mean by this is if something comes up to do something on Sunday I almost always say No. Sunday is my day at home to watch movies and prep for the week. Often prep is food and today was a soup day which means that it smells wonderful, but as it’s only partway though the day there are lots of veggies to cut so I can add them tomorrow. There are a number of other thing I’m sure that will come up but in general it remains as the planned unplanned day.

I'll add pics later, my connection is really shaky today.


Jamie said…
It's so great to have a day at home. There's something so entirely different about the things you do in your own domain than what you do out in the world. I hope you had a cozy day!
Shannon said…
It was a good day! Lots of movies (4!) but was a little tense not having internet ... I didn't want to break a day for NaBloPoMo!
Sacred Suzie said…
I totally want to know what soup you're making Shannon!

I feel the same way about Sundays, relaxation and time just for me.

I think that was the perfect way to post for NaBloPoMo and still have an open day just for you.
Shannon said…
The soup be Turkey! (I didn't have time to make it post thanksgiving so it went into the freezer til this weekend). Pics up on my Monday post.

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