SPC: What I Wear 3

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As promised - what I wear out in the world! It always freaks me out when I see pics like this and I'm like whoa! I'm short! That really shouldn't surprize me anymore... Anyhow, this is one day after work in.. what I wore.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Cool outfit Shannon! Funny, I was thinking that you looked tall in those pants.
Jamie said…
Yep, this is the Shannon I regularly see! Here's to you!
Jana B said…
*giggle* I do that sometimes too... every once and a while it's just like I have an epiphany... that I really AM short.

Oooohhhh, Suzie says they make you look tall... I love "tall clothes"!! I used to love shoes that made me look tall, too... but after a while I got bored with major foot pain just for an extra inch, ya know?

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