SPC November - What I Wear 2

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Me at home. These are perfect digs for home, comfy jeans, t-shirt and a warm zip up. Fun stuff. They are also pretty much only for home because all of these are just a mite too wee, but I still like them. But, if I wore them outside it would be a lot of tugging to keep them at bay!

Ok, that is 2 weeks in a row at home... time to venture out!

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Jamie said…
You look totally cute! I love this pic.
Jana B said…
Seeing you in your comfy-at-home clothes makes me long for my blue hoodie.

Only one hour and 6 minutes until I can change into it! *happy*
Sacred Suzie said…
You looks awesome Shannon! Those jeans fit you perfectly, I am envious. I love your at-home look and can't wait to see what you wear when you go out.
Jessie said…
you look so comfortable, not just in your close, but in your own skin as well. and look! there's your kitty cat sitting at your feet! :) true love. oh, and i also like those leg warmers you're wearing in the last post. they make me smile. :)
gkgirl said…
i wish i was in my at home
clothes right now...

great pic!
Melba said…
Your home looks so cool. I love the star/sun behind you!

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