Some weekend relaxation...

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In between screenings and gaming I had some time to have a nice breakkie with am, which is always nice. I also found out the coolest new feature in podcasting - chapter stop points! I just discovered a new podcast called Errata, a film podcast that actually had visual stop points with titles and pictures to let you know which film or what aspect of the film they are talking about. I totally love this feature (and this is the only podcast I've seen use it so far although some provide a time breakdown), becuase so far the only thing that drives me crazy about film podcasts is that people don't turn off their internal spoiler button. I know it isn't always easy to do, but some times we don't want to know what the pivotal scene is, or that 'he died' or that there was a twist ending, etc. Anyhow, it's a pretty good podcast to boot so that was nice to discover as well!

Have a lovely Sunday! Oh - and it's the Santa Claus Parade here in Toronto so keep that in mind if you are out and about.

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Sacred Suzie said…
I love getting a peak into your Sunday Shannon and wish I could experience the world of Podcasts. That brekkie looks yummy!
J Robert said…

I help Rob Davis with the Errata podcast, though he gets full credit for the cool chapter breaks. Thanks so much for your nice plug.

I'm curious, though, how you found us in the first place. At the moment, we don't have a lot more than family and friends listening, and sometimes I'm not even sure they do. So Rob and I were trying to figure out what led you to the podcast.
Shannon said…
Hello J Robert!

I found the podcast from the post on your website (feed from bloglines)about the Three Times podcast - A film I quite enjoyed although found confusing at times - I was thrilled to other people were talking about it.

No problem about the plug! I'm surprized you only have it out to family/friends atm, I found it one of the most professional and articulate film podcasts I've ever heard... and I listen to a lot of them.

This is my land of random thoughts and progress on various projects. I have a film site: :)
Jamie said…
What a lovely morning. I love your dishes!

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