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The biggest bag of apples in the world! I thought it was 3 lbs, but turns out it was 3kilos (more like 8 lbs). I'm shocked they hit in my bag. Time to look for a good pie recipe! I had to take a pic with the cat so there would be some scale, although - he is a pretty fair sized cat.

It's also getting chilly and snowy around here which means lots of opportunity for fun winter pics... check out these icicles! One of the two actually fell off while I was taking the pics. I guess it's a warming up.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Awesome picture of icicles Shannon! Brrrr...sorry to hear it's getting chilly there though but it does give you lots of stuff to take pictures of. OMG, that is a lot of apples. You could think of making some apple butter? You just slowly cook it in a pot (or a crockpot) with some brown sugar and cinnamon and it makes a fat-free spread that's delicious. I did that was a big bushel of pears that I got, it's yummy.
Shannon said…
Thanks for the apple butter idea Suzie, I never would of thought of that! Mom suggested applesauce and Jamie said pie - I think I might have enough to try them all!
Jamie said…
Lol, Gobo's, like, 3 kilos of apples high! He's almost a Smurf!
Jana B said…
Whoa, your cat looks like a less-demon-spawn version of my PsychoKitty! I'll have to find you a pic of her, to compare. She has the same colors, and the same white spots on her neck and paws. (I refer to them as her bandana and boots!)

Mmmm.... apples sound yummy!

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