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Tagged by Suzie, who was tagged by Vedrana! here we go:

*each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. as you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. at the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information*

A - apples for snacks
B - blue movies
C - cats ftw!
D - don't get me started...
E - eh!
F - film film, and more film
G - gmail is the best
H - Halloween rocks!
I - I dunno
J - j/k
K - Killolie sunrise
L - laughter
M - mmmmmmmmmmmmmovies
N - Nonnahs!
O - oh my goodness
P - popcorn is yummy
Q - Queuing up!
R - reading
S - Shannon - that's me!
T - tea
U - umbrella's suck
V - vavavoom
W - water
X - xrays=ick
Y - yahoo
Z - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

If you'd like to play consider yourself tagged!


Jamie said…
Fun! Though I don't know what "Nonnahs!" is. Oh, oh, yes, I do! I get it!

Mine will be up later this week!
Jamie said…
btw, you take the wildest pictures. Where did you get that?
Shannon said…
The pic is from work, just taken on an extreme angle. It's short cuts for letters with accents - although I didn't find they worked in vista word, lol.
Sacred Suzie said…
I love "K", very creative! Your responses rocked Shannon, so much fun and completely original, just like you. Thanks for playing Shannon!
Jana B said…

And why only blue movies?

Popcorn IS yummy. Be careful though, popcorn has a feud going with your teeth.

Xrays aren't that bad, unless they are ones for something painful (like, a leg) and they make you move it all over creation at wierd angles... *full body shudder*

Killoie? Have you been there? I'm dying to see Ireland.... *happy sigh at thought*
Shannon said…
hehe.. I forgot to reply!

nonnahs = Shannon spelled backwards. One of my many nicknames :)

Killolie sunrise is actually a dessert-y treat you can get from a chain called Beaver Tails. It's like a funnel cake with no holes and then on top sugar, lemon and cinnamon. It sounds insane but it's quite delightful!

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