Getting things in the mail - yay!

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There is nothing so exciting than getting a package in the mail! Fun fun stuff. I got 2 DVD's that have been on my list for a while from director's I've seen films from at TIFF. Fun stuff!!!

Oh, that pic is rather dark.. I didn't notice that on my home computer -oops! I have to say I've already watched Killzone (aka SPL) with Donnie Yen by Dir Wilson Yip and it was awesome! Very violent though. I'm sure I'll review it over at Movie Moxie eventually but for right now all I have to say is wow! That is some kick butt martial arts!


Sacred Suzie said…
Woot! There is nothing better than getting treats in the mail. Are these for rent Shannon or did you buy them? Happy movie watching!
Shannon said…
I got them with a GC I had for my Bday!! yay!

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