8 Random Things About Me Meme

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Suzie has tagged me to share eight things about myself which rocks because I had no idea what I was going to post today! If you'd like to participate, consider yourself tagged!

1. I rarely work anywhere longer than 2 years, and often quit after being promoted

2. I started post secondary programs for art as well as fashion, but finished neither. I took 1 GenEd course in film while studying fashion that rekindled my love of film.

3. I watch around 3-5 films a week, and have over 200 that I've seen but not yet written about (which is one of my 101's).

4. When I started my 101 I had no problem coming up with possibilies. I believe my first list was 156 items.

5. I often (haphazaradly) cut my own hair but just chopping it away in chunks.

6. I'm a total number cruncher. Give me paper, a spreadsheet, a coffee and some music and I'm a happy camper.

7. I take weird pictures. Sometimes it just happens, and sometimes it's on purpose.

8. I love elective courses. My first year of high school my 'Day 1' schedule was: Drama, Typing, Graphic Arts and French (manditory). How the hell do I remember my schedule from Grade 9? My memory is sometimes amazing, sometimes not...

Feel free to join in and tell everyone 8 random things about yourself!


Sacred Suzie said…
I'm glad you don't mind participating Shannon! I can not believe how many movies you've seen, that's completely impressive Shannon. Do you really cut your own hair?! I didn't know that! Your memory is amazing Shannon, it always has been.

Fun stuff!
Jamie said…
Cool facts! I love how it's totally random things, each of which is SO YOU!

And you do the best job of coming up with wild pics that illustrate your point. This one is priceless.
Melba said…
I have probably told you this before, but I just LOVE how you document your journey.
You make a goal and stick to it.
I tagged you to write about your Creative Dream ~ if you want ~

Jana B said…
#1 sounds a lot like me. I think this is the longest time I've worked at a job... (2 years now.) except for doing taxes, but that's only a seasonal job. Before this one, my average was 7 months at any job. (My average time spent living in one place was 9 months back then too.)

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