#53 - Curl my toes in the sand

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Completed: October 12, 2007 in Hyannis

Now, if someone told me I would end up finishing this one in October in Cape code when it was around 10-15C out I would have gone "Huh?", but it was perfect! Take the opportunity when it happens! I was impressed that I even got barefoot in that weather! But it was great, the sound of the ocean about and a nice patch of nice untouched sand there is nothing like that feeling. Moving those toes is always so much fun - I used to be able to pick up carpet with my toes! There is your random odd information of the day!

This was well worth doing, and I'm glad the opportunity presented itself! Now, to do the same on a sandy beach.....

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Jana B said…
OMW! Shannon! I took the SAME EXACT TYPE OF PIC!!!! My wittle toes, in the sand of the beach!!! I'm SO going to post mine next time I get a chance!!!!!

I'm not sure if i should take this as evidence of soul sisterhood, or just be scared by how alike we are. *pondering this*
Shannon said…
OMG I can't beleive it!!! Well, I can believe it, I can't wait to see it sista!
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon, it's so cute to see your feet in the sand. I am so glad you embraced that opportunity and really went for it and threw off your shoes in October. I just love that!
Jamie said…
Yay! I'm so glad that you got a chance to do that. Who knew the beach in October would be so awesome?
Melba said…
Every time you post a picture of Cape Cod my heart leaps with glee!
I am so happy you got so much from your time here!
Vedrana M. said…
wonderful, lovely photos :)

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