#40 - Meet at least 1 online friend irl - Firstborn

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(Firstborn and Me)

What a treat it was to meet Firstborn at the Creative Bizarre! This was afterwards at the restaurent and lucky me we got to sit next to each other and got to chit chat away! She is a lovely person and I was thrilled to discover that we both love film! I love reading her blog and it was great to meet :)

Check out her blog at Follow Your Bliss

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Sacred Suzie said…
Awww, that is so nice! You guys look like you're having so much fun and it is always awesome to meet another film fan.
Jamie said…
What a great picture! You can tell you two got along!

And wow, you totally exceeded at this goal, eh?
Shannon said…
Fun is what it's all about! And yep I can consider this one exceeded, although I do continue to love to share it when it happens :)
Tammy said…
You've been so lucky to meet so many online friends!! I've talked to MaryAnn on the phone and it was a blast!! We were hoping she and her husband would be in CO over the summer and we'd get to meet, but they couldn't come!
firstborn said…
hi shannon!!!

came by to say hi & lookey...what a nice pic your sis took of us!!!

yes, it was WICKED FUN to meet you & jamie...you guys were so great to talk to at dinner!!!

have an awesome sunday & hi to jamie for me!


mary ann xo

p.s., have been wicked busy lately & haven't seen any cool flicks...will have to check out your flim, oops, film bloggy!!!

oh, & do you mind if i save this cute pic of us on my 'puter...i want to make lil scrapbooks for all who i met at cb....hopefully in the next couple of months...schedule/life permitting :)
Shannon said…
Absolutely snag the pic Mary Ann! I'll can send you the images I have if you'd like!

I hear you on the crazy business - I am soooo there!

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