#40 - Meet at least 1 online friend irl - Melba

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(Jamie, Melba and Me)

When: October 2007 at the Creative Bizarre (see my post about that here)

This really was a treat! Melba was one of the first blogs I read with undivided attention, I love the original way she posts with journal pages, text and pictures (YAY for blogs with pictures) and the genuine openness, strength and depth of her posts. She's also a powerhouse in creating connections, not only with the Creative Bizarre this year but with Just Be Connected, a home for creative bloggers to connect to that has been running strong daily since Jan 07! What a feat! When I got to meet Melba in person she is just a lovely and friendly as imagined. What out world, this lady has some ideas that are gonna shake things up!

Visit Melba's blog at Be Alive Believe Be You

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(journal I bought from Melba's stand at the Creative Bizarre - I can't wait to start writing in it!)

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Sacred Suzie said…
That really is a treat, to get to meet Melba! The blogging genius and connector of all who are blogging. I'm hoping to go next year, you never know...!!!

I totally love the journal too!
Jamie said…
It was such a treat meeting Melba. I'm so glad we got to do that together!

And what a nice tribute to her this post is.

Congrats on getting one more 101 done!
Melba said…
Thanks Shannon! You inspire me!

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