#40 - Meet at least 1 online friend irl - Jarris & Rock

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When: July 25, 2007 at 7 in the morning! omg.. 7 in the morning!

I've been friends with Jarris/Chris (left) and his Dad Rock/Bob (right), for I believe around 4+ years. We've been gaming buddies since back in the 'ole DAOC days, although now we are WoW'ers and used to literally play every day together (change in schedules has changed this a bit - boohoo!). I still remember the first time I met Jarris in game, he was in my guild and I was a wee little mite and I think he was already capped level. I was doing my best smishing little rats in Darkness Falls and he ran in (likely to do something much more exciting than rat smishing) and said Hi and helped me out and we've been friends ever since. So, it was a complete treat when they decided to take a trip to Toronto, woohoo lucky me! I'm still jealous they went to the zoo, I've not made it there yet! We had a lovely breakfast at 7West and got a chance to all catch up and chat in person - a complete delight!

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Sacred Suzie said…
What fun Shannon! I'm so glad you guys all met, I know how much a part of each other's lives you had become during your gaming time together. Sorry to hear that you're not playing so much together now!
Jana B said…
I love meeting online friends!!!!

I haven't played WoW but the older versions were SO FUN!!!!!

Where the men really tall, or do we really look that short??
Tammy said…
This is SO fun!! I am fairly anti-social in my WoW playing, so I can't imagine making a friend that I'd want to meet IRL.

I only talk to Mike - and he's in the same room (smishing rats with me!... Smishing might be my favorite new word, too!)

I'm having rocking fun playing with my level 58 druid now that I've got her up to where she can play in Outland!! :)
gkgirl said…
cool to meet online friends!
and i cannot tell you
how intrigued i am by your
101 in 1001 idea...
this is the first i have
heard of this one,
and am going to check into it...

and thanks for the comment
you left at my blog
Shannon said…
We still do get to play together, just not as much! I'm also a lot busier than when I started gaming..

Jana, we really do look that short! Well, Rock is really really tall too!

Tammy - I met them in DAOC and the people who played that was so different from WoW. I have met a few WoW'ers as well, but I'd be way less inclined to met them irl where as my old friends in DAOC I would have LOVED to met almost anyone in my guild. I'm thrilled to hear you are 58 and enjoying the Outlands! They have some really fun quests there!

Welcome gk girl! The 101 is a lot of fun (and sometimes a pain, hehe), but it has been really inspiring to do lots of new, and pick up old, things! I highly reccommend it.
Jamie said…
What a treat that you got to meet these guys. I can't believe that it's been so long.

You know, I am so not surprised that you and Jarris ended up being friends. When I used to play, whenever some big disaster happened, the whole guild would say, "Jarris did it!" And I seem to remember a fair amount of "Shannon did it"s in the past too! hehe. Troublemakers to the core! (Goodhearted ones, but I won't tell any body) (Whoops!)
Shannon said…
lol, I never thought of that Jamie!

But, I didn't do it!! I swear!!

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