I'll be back....

On a bit of a hiatus (again) from posting but anticipating to come back to regular posting next week.

I'm really looking forward to The Creative Bizarre with weekend that I'm going to with Jamie, it should be a lot of fun!

I'll be back with stories to tell and pictures to share!


Sacred Suzie said…
I hope you are all having an amazing time, I envy you! I can't wait to hear all about it Shannon.
firstborn said…
hi shannon!

just wanted to bop by & tell you how GREAT it was to meet you & your sis jamie! only wish we had longer time to visit & chat some more!

will be linking to your blogs to mine & looking forward to reading (& living vicariously through your cinematic blog)...

mary ann
Shannon said…
Thanks Mary Ann! It was so great to meet you too! I am hoping to put up pics and post about Cape Cod and the Creative Bizarre very soon!
Pearl Maple said…

Found your blog from Mary Ann at Follow Your Bliss and ever so glad we followed her link as we have had a lovely afternoon reading through your creative posts.

Will be in TO next month and could do with some tips on the best places to shop for shabby vintage fineries.

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