No. 31 - Read 1 fashion magazine a month, revisioned

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For some reason whenever I try to insert the number sign I get a pound sign. ££££££ As if

Anyhow, I've decided that No. 31 - Read 1 fashion magazine a month really isn't working for me. I missed is sometime in the early months of this year and I think I've not even thought about it except at the check out of the grocery store for the past 3 months and orange juice totally trumps glossy pages of clothes I won't buy a threefold.

Sooooooooo, I don't want to call it a failure but rather a revisioning. A lot of the fashionista parts of the challenge have fallen to the wayside and I've had other interests some into my life. One of which in the past 10 months or so is podcasts. So fashion become audio distraction and this will morph into find 1 cool podcast a month. Here are the ones I'm currently a listener of. Amazing that the number of podcasts I think are the exact number on months I missed fashion mag wise.

BBC Newspod
(bottom right hand corner)

This was the first podcast I listened too, its a great summary of news and it's the perfect for on the way to work podcast for me, clocking in at around 30minutes

DNTO Podcast
Definitely Not the Opera Podcast - so much fun! This is my listen to on the way to the library podcast.

World of Warcraft Chronicles
Great WoW podcasts. There are so so many to choose from but this is the one I've settled on as my fave.

This one kinda breaks all the rules on what I like about podcasts. It's can be long, they talk openly about the movies (ie, sometimes it's spoiler city!) but it's got a great format the hosts are great and it's well... about film!


Jamie said…
Awesome. If it ain't working - revision it!

You have inspired me to explore the world of the podcast. Thank you!
Sacred Suzie said…
I think it's very smart to let the list naturally mutate like that, it makes sense to me absolutely.

OK, do you need an ipod for podcasts? I bet you do, darn it!
irkstyle said…
Hey. found your blog through Triplux. I'm doing a 101/1001 too and have often had to go back to the spirit behind the task to figure out how to interpret it. (It seems so simple when you're writing the list but not so much when you go back.) My friend is also doing one (oh one) and she is struggling against people who are pretty set in their views and think that revisioning is cheating and who keep telling her that. I say it's her list and she has to live with the consequences - if she thinks she's cheating then she is, if not then no. I've been wondering how're you're finding your multi-part tasks, especially the "learn something new" one. It's a great idea - ongoing learning and experiencing - but takes a lot of energy. I think that's something I'd tell newbies to watch out for. I have a few on my list too. Having just knocked two off I'm feeling a huge sense of relief...of course, I'm not that great at pacing myself and like to do things in a great rush so maybe it's just me that feels a sense of pressure...
Shannon said…
Yay for podcasts!

Suzie, I think it depends on the podcasts whether or not you need an iPod or not, to listen to the podcast. Many podcast have that you can listen to if from their website directly.

Hi Irkstyle! I hope you are enjoying your 101-ness!
With reference to your friend - why would people bug her about reinterpreting one of her tasks? Everyone does this list for themselves so if you want to change something later - go for it. I know for myself I have others on the list that I will likely revise as well, the only time I'd say stick it out is if you really want the result and/or if you are not doing it because of fear. If you simply aren't intersted anymore, don't waste the time on it!

In terms of the ones that take a lot of energy, I find it's a fine balance - I wouldn't want to discourage someone from doing that and I keep my daily tasks to thinks that can be done very quickly. I like that I ended up with a combo of one-of tasks + repeated tasks. Over all I've found the 1/month ones the hardest to do. Daily/weekly - no problem. But monthly gets lost in the shuffle. I think it's important sometimes to push your limits too, but pushing for the whole 1001 days could be a bit much, we all need breaks!

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