#74 - Go to the Spa

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Completed: July 2007, when to the Elmwood Spa with Jamie

I had actually been here before, prior to my 101 for the hydrotherapies (pool, whirlpool and steam room). This time we also got pedicures (see my cute toes below!), which I've never done before. I've had artifical nails before (the regular kind as well as gel) , but never my toes done. I was really looking forward to it but I'd have to say all in all it wasn't quite for me. I also realized I'm really particular (read: sensitive!) about my feet. I don't usually show them in public at all. So, the highlight was definately the hydrotherapies! Bring on the steam, it's so cool. And, not only that I knocked off an additional 101 without even realize it: #71 - Go Swimming. Score!

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