#71 - Go swimming

Completed: as a part of #74 - Go to the Spa in July 2007

So, no picture of this one!

I love swimming, I always have. I find being in water so freeing. Although I took lessons for year, I never needed them. I always tell the story (as it was told to me, I don't remember actually doing it), of almost giving my Mom a heart attack when I was a little bean and beelined for the pool and just jumped in. What was the fuss? I could swim! I could float! Heck, I bet I can still do three triple backwards summersaults underwater. That hurts my brain though - but it's still cool!

My favorite swimming story that I do remember was having to take the 3rd level of really young swimming classes (was it Turtle, Frog or Fish? The badge was pink - I remember that), twice. No, I didn't fail. I was too short to progress to the 'big kid' class because I couldn't touch the bottom of the pool. Sigh. After that I took a few years off swimming lessons and earned my pride back as I was in a split level class, and although I went in for the lower level I passed both - hurray!

In recent years I've not swam at all. But I would like to get back to it. In fact, I didn't realize I had completed this one until after the fact as I had not set out with the intention to do it I just happened to be somewhere with a pool. But, at the end of the day it was done some I'm crossing it off - woohoo! I do plan on exploring some pools with my Mom though, and hopefully going swimming more regularly.

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