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Got caught in the rain on the way home on Saturday and here is me peeking out to watch it even though I already got home. It's funny, I never would have thought that waterwould be one of the elements I really connect to but it is. Not so much the rain but being *in* water I love. This week I went to the spa with Jamie and enjoyed the water therapies and she said any time she sees me in water she thinks 'water baby!". I would freak everyone out by running straight for the water when I was very young and jumping in. Although I did take swimming lessons, somehow even before that I always knew how to swim... I just knew what to do. I guess I was a water baby!

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caroline potato said…
Hah, this is the second time you have posted on being drenched. I loved the first one. I think you kind of just submitted yourself to the downpour. I'll wait for the third.
Sacred Suzie said…
Absolutely Shannon, you were absolutely fearless when it came to water and passionate. No one was getting in your way of splashing into any pool. I'm so glad you did that water therapy, it sounds wonderful. I have no idea what it would entail but I like the sound of it already.

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