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Look! Shannon in nature - who would have though it? Ironically this was taken sitting on the roadside of a major street in the 'burbs this morning. Takes so freaking long to get there. Anyhow, it was lovely to see (and be in) all the green!

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Deb R said…
If you hadn't "confessed" I'd have thought this photo was taken way out in the country! Everything looks so cool and green.
Sacred Suzie said…
Very cool pic Shannon! That's so funny about the burbs beings so far away, I feel that way about downtown!

You look wonderful surrounded by the green of the earth.
Jamie said…
You were in the 'burbs? Weird. hehe. I guess that tells you that the topic has moved from "environment" Great pic!
Tammy said…
Great photo!! It does look so cool like Deb said - I love the green and lush plants (it's not very green or lush here as the heat is just insane!)
Vedrana M. said…
oh, lovely! :)

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