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New week, new element. I kinda goofed though, I re-read the intro post to elements over at SPC and the suggestion was to pick one you feel most akin to. Last week's Earth I would have to say I connect to the least (although I'm working on keeping plants alive) and this week's Air would be the second (flying and heights hold little interest to me). I guess I'm building up the intention.

I selected this pic as it was a gorgeous day on Saturday and as I was walking about doing errands there was the loveliest breeze. Not strong enough to be a wind, but just enough to make it feel like a lovely calm and peaceful day.

Below is something that crossed my path that day as well.

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Miriam said…
I found a feather yesterday too...or it found me. It was the strangest thing...it just appeared on my kitchen counter. I'm still puzzling over it. I think you're allowed to interpret the elements challenge almost any way you wish...at least that's what I got. I don't think you HAVE to pick the one you most relate to. I'm doing one of each and then we'll see about the fifth....and I've noticed many others doing the same thing. I know what you mean about that breeze...a perfect day!
Sacred Suzie said…
Wonderful image Shannon! Both of them actually. I know, I'm doing all the elements instead of focusing on just one, feels more balanced to me. I love seeing your hair in the sky, that's so lovely and powerful.
liz elayne said…
very cool with your hair blowing in the breeze...
kinda want to know what you are listening to in the photo. :)

i am hoping for a breeze today myself...it is hot, hot, hot here.
kikihoney said…
a nice breeze is so uplifting, this is a great self portrait.

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