Card of the Day: Two of Cups - July 2/07

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Well well well. I've sure been getting a lot of cups recently but I did not expect this one to appear. As it's clear from the picture it usually represents a romantic relationship or partnership/friendship. I wonder who with it is refering too.

Understanding Tarot says: "Often it represents a love ffair, engagement or marriage but can also represent a close and supportive friendship, or even a good business partnership. It shows that there is someone special in the Querent's life, who the Querent is fond of and who can be trusted and relied upon, and that this is a friendship of equals." p.100

Sounds good to me.

FYI Querent is the person you are doing the reading for, in these posts it means me.


Sacred Suzie said…
Woowooo Shannon! That's a great card to get, especially after getting the eight of cups. I can see where they're going with their messages now... ;)
Jamie said…
This is always such a great card to get. It's always so promising. I wonder what's out there? Or who's out there?

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