Card of the Day: Three of Wands - July 6/07

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Ok, somewhere I goofed on posted because it looks like I missed a day when in fact I didn't. Very odd. Anyhow, card for Friday was Three of Wands. From the pic it's clear that it is about building and/or wording on strengthening a foundation. To what, though? I think of wants as artistic/intellectual endeavours. I did make a really good insight actually a few, which made certain things clear so perhaps this is the meaning.

Looking further at this particular version of the card one thing I do notice is that he is holding many things, none of which would stand up/hold their own without him holding that. Sometimes I can completely feel like that - that I'm holding the fort. What fort though? Could be feeling dragged down but the regular day to day things. Or, another interpretation is that that along keeps my hands full. That I can totally see.

Let's see what Understanding Tarot says: "Creative ideas with regard to business and enterprise are indicated." Check, that totally happened. "After initial plans have been made, however, there may be a perious of waiting to see how things develop from the processes which have now be set in motion...." Waiting. Ya. One of my favorite things...

Thanks Suzie for suggesting to "Why not ask the cards for what is hidden from you that you need to know? I find that helps" This is very true. Often when I pull a card and don't find a particular connection or relavence it is because I didn't ask a question just pulled a card. I guess I need to think about what I want to know, Jamie suggested something like "What will help guide me today" (correct me if I paraphrase incorrectly). Maybe I should write some questions and put them near my deck. Keep in mind I draw the cards first thing in the AM and at that point I can be a little... fuzzy....


Sacred Suzie said…
Hey, that's great! I'm glad that asking for guidance, help...will bring focus and perhaps reveal new information for you Shannon.

I love seeing your card a day posts!

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