Card of the Day: Ten of Swords - Sat July 14/07

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Ee gads, this tends to be a brutal one to get but also seems to give the feeling that 'although it was tough as hell, whatever it is, it's done'. I don't remember the question I asked if any on this one.

Let's see what Understanding Tarot says (p. 127)

"The Querent should beware of getting involved in a group of poeple whose problems will cause troubel for the Querent...conclusion of something and the beginning of a new phase.... experience the worst point of a crisis... also offers hope for a brighter future"

I like the brighter future part. I'm not sure what people it could be refering to. Hmmm.


Sacred Suzie said…
It's not always a person, I see this card often as an exhausting situation that is over and has ended in utter exhaustion or potentially illness but it's total done. It's usually a relief, the end of a bad cycle.

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