Card of the Day: Six of Pentacles - July 4/07

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Ah, pentacles. I usually like getting them! Looking at this one what strikes me is: lots! Like there is enough to go around.

Let's see what Understanding Tarot says: "...means that The Querent is a generous person who likes to help others and to show care and affection. An act of charity or the payment of a karmic debt are also possible interpretations" p.114

Ironically this interpretation reminds me of one of the reasons sometimes I don't do my cards. To be frank, I know this about myself so it leaves me feeling like saying "and so...?". Of course I can look towards be particularly like this today, or do a self check saying I think I'm like this but am I really doing this? I'm not sure. I did buy a jade plant today though, if that means anything.


caroline potato said…
Exactly. That's why I stopped doing tarot.

Well, I thought of your growing ability to keep Barry alive. A friend gave me a big pottted spider plant for the new apartment. And.....I ran over it by accident. And...the whole pot exploded.

That's one point for Shannon and negative one point for Caroline
Sacred Suzie said…
What's a jade plant Shannon?

OMG Caroline, that's awful!

If the cards are too obvious, I guess it means you're really in touch with where you are right now. Why not ask the cards for what is hidden from you that you need to know? I find that helps.

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