Card of the Day: Page of Pentacles Reversed - Mon July 16/07

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I know I asked a question, but it was all 15 hours ago and I can't remember what it was. What I noticed about looking at this card (from the reverse) was that there are lots of individual small areas with intricate workings. I had no idea what relevence this had, but that is what I saw.

Now to the expert opinion, from Understanding Tarot (p. 134): as a situation: "The Querent is engaged in boring activity or tedious process which seems to bring no rewards"

Hm, interesting. Oftentimes I don't actually find tedious boring or unrewarding. A lot of times I like repetition, but there are some things that do kinda drive me nuts.


Sacred Suzie said…
Perhaps this card is saying you're ready to grow and try something new? A new repetitive task perhaps somewhere else?

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