Card of the Day: Page of Cups - July 8/07

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Page of Cups, interesting. I usually think of Pages as messangers or ideas at the very beginning stages. I did to the 'ask a particular question' today and I asked, oh bother what was it... how can I make today productive or this is it - how can I make the most of today.

Let's see what Understanding Tarot says (p. 132)

As a person - this person may assist the querent if asked to help but is probably too shy to offer if not asked

As a situation - latent skills and talents, ideas arising from the unconcious, a time of reflection or study

Wow, not what I was expecting considering what I have on the plate for today is to watch some movies, pack and clean up. Maybe I have somethings to get in order first.


Sacred Suzie said…
Perhaps this ties in with the four of pentacles? Like, if you allow yourself less rigid control you will feel a little unsure of yourself but you will grow emotionally?
Jamie said…
Wow, you are really getting a lot of cups, eh? That usually means there's something nice going on - opportunities, connection, love, sharing.

In the context of "how can I make this a great day," I look at this and think - how can I help or how can I let someone help me? For some reason too I look at this card and think, "what do I have to offer?"

Of course, that was yesterday, right? Monday morning quarterback here, lol!
Shannon said…
Interesting interpretations! I sadly didn't follow the advice of this one though as I did almost nothing yesterday save watch movies....

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