Card of the Day: The Lovers - July 3/07

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The Lovers. This one I always remember what it means: A choice. What choice is it refering to? One I've made already or something I'm considering on the horizion? There are a few possibilies, as it feels like a time of change.

Understanding Tarot says: "The Querent is faced witha difficult choice: take one particular course of action forces rejection of others which may seem equally attractive, so there is a feeling of being drawn in differnt directions at once. There is also the problem that once the choice is made it willnot be possible to go back on it becuase the Querent's life will have changed irrevocably" p.75

Wow, that sounds a lot harsher than I normally think about it. I hope I make the right choice!


Sacred Suzie said…
The choice could be anything, including consciously changing your perspective. It is usually big, I wonder what your decision's going to be Shannon? You've already made quite a few lately!
Jamie said…
Maybe you'll have 2 boys to pick from ;)
Shannon said…
haha, maybe!

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