Card of the Day: Knight of Pentacles Reversed - Sun July 15/07

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Seeing this card reversed I was like WOW it's easy to get distracted looking at it. The Pentacle is so big and it's one part of the card but not all of it. My question to the cards was something along the lines of how can I make the most of my day, and this interpretation is perfect I think, from Understanding Tarot (p. 137):

"The Querenet is making very little progress towards achieving what is desired. Matters seem to have slowed down almost to a standstill...a change of approach may be needed..."

So true! I'm been thinking that this weekend I would really get on the ball and start packing (I'm moving in just over 2 weeks and packed a whopping 5 boxes. 4 of those yesterday), and I just have not done it. I keep planning other things to do and when I get home I just don't feel like it. Considering it's only 4pm there is still TONS of useable time in the day so I think I'm going to get cracking!


Sacred Suzie said…
Isn't that interesting! It does fit your situation perfectly and holy cow, I can't believe you're moving so soon. When you have a moment, will you send me your new info?! I can't wait to hear and see your new place Shannon.

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