Card of the Day: Five of Cups (reversed) - July 9/07

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I've no idea how to reverse the card image here, but I did get it reversed. My sense from this one is to "Let go".

More on this one later.


This is the first card I've gotten that has been reversed. Not everyone uses reverse meanings but I do. I find even if I put all the cards upright some find themselves upsidedown anyhow so I figure it's just meant to be. Often reversed meanings hold the same general meaning of the card however it can be something they are (if I remember right) avoiding, denying or the normal course of action is taking longer than expected.

Ok, Let's see what Understanding Tarot says (p. 110)

"Something which was valued has gone from the Querent's life, leading to a feeling of bereavement in some sense...these sorrowful feelings will lessen only with the passage of time".

I think 'let go' works for that, but also don't all muffy if it doesn't happen all at one.


Sacred Suzie said…
I don't do reverse meanings but I get the sense that it will mean that you have experienced a slight disappointment, not devastating or anything, but a disappointment all the same. How did I do? :)

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