Card of the Day: Eight of Cups - July 2/07

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This one must be very true for me right now, it also showed up last night as 1 of the 2 cards for July in a 6 month spread I did (I like to do those on the first of the month). She looks so sad and overwhelmed, too many hats for sure. Here is what Understanding Tarot says:

"The Querent has enjoyed a situation or relationship where there was stability, peace and security, but this is not enough. Something seems to be lacking in life and it time to move on to new things." p.119

Oh my this is so true! The only thing I don't know is does it apply to one thing or everything? I am moving Aug 1 so that is one thing for sure, but I know for me this kind of change tends to apply across the board in almost every aspect of my life, so I'm curious - and excited - so see what will happen. But perhaps 'seeing' isn't enough, this seem sto be more a job of being proactive therefore I may be the source of then change. Hmm... what would I like to change?


Sacred Suzie said…
I think it can also symbolize a change that occurs because something negative can continue no longer, hopefully that means a lot of things and not just one. I always find this card to be a relief, like I can finally move away from something I don't want anymore. It usually means things are going to be better as a result of a conscious choice to make a permanent change, yay!
Shannon said…
I think it's also along the lines of what was once ok/fine now feels like you are 'settling', and I'm not really intersted in settling.

I agree on the concious choice thing, now I have to make it, and make it work!

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