Card of the Day: Death - July 10/07

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Ah, everyone's favourite card, no? Often shown in films when trying to 'scare' people, those of use who are familiar with the Tarot know that this card represents change. Sure, it can be death itself but that is unlikely. What I notice in particular about this card is how the figure is all in the same colour and complete encompassed in what they are doing - like a soul focus. Also the amount of space they take up, it's almost the whole card!

Let's see what Understanding Tarot says (p. 84)

"By far the most usual meaning of this card is radical change in the Querent's life: one phase of life has come to an end and a new one is beginning... when the card is upright, the Querent usually accepts the changes which are taking place and recognises them as inevitable"

Considering I recently completed the process on my divorce, as well as am moving apartments in a few weeks I can totally see the how this card fits right now.

I've also updated yesterdays post as promised.


Jamie said…
A soul focus - how interesting. What a fascinating thought.

That's so true that with the divorce and the move, this makes total sense - and makes room for new yummy stuff!
Sacred Suzie said…
I must be weird because I'm always happy to see this card because I like big change that really lasts, but I guess that's good changes not the bad.

Yes, the divorce is a death for sure and does make total sense.

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