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It cracks me up how clearly the Starbucks sign shows up in this pic. I didn't even notice it was there.

There are many times I've read in books about describing your perfect day. Work day that is. Or, not.. just perfect day. And here I am in one without even really intending it. Out for coffee (well, tea) reading the press kit for the Guy Maddin film Brand Upon the Brain! for which I am (ironically) going to tonight! Look for the review of it shortly on my film blog: Film Fan Fridays, and check out my other reviews here.

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Vedrana M. said…
lovely portrait, it feels warm :) great!
I'm always amazed at what shows up in photos that you never noticed when you were taking the photo. Must get in the habit of checking backgrounds, mustn't we? Cool shot, regardless.
Sacred Suzie said…
It is a lovely portrait! Even with the Starbucks sign in it, LOL. This is a side of Shannon not everyone gets to see and I am so happy you had such a perfect day.
caroline potato said…
Hi Shannon,
Oh, I thought you were the Goddess of Starbucks until I looked more closely. I echo Sacred Suzie's comment. Its great to see you doing exactly what you were meant to do.
Jamie said…
Here's to many more ideal days! Look at the life you're creating for you!
Melba said…
I love this post...I think most of us Do have ordinary perfect days, we just fail to realize it until...
I am gald you are aware. So really heartwarming for me to witness moments like yours that you have shared.


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