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Me.. in ... mess. Sometimes known by the alias of 'stuff'.

I've neven been known as say, a 'neat' person. Organized in thought processes? Yes. Good with implementing systems? Yes. Methodically filer? Yes. Clean and neat? Well.... not so much.

It seems almost like an idealic and unrealisitc goal. I inevitable have more 'stuff' than places to put it. That being said I am (again!) in the process of culling that stuff. The majority of the times I have done this in the past I've faced it with annoyance, outrage, stress, etc. This time, I am actually looking forward to it. Why am I doing this you ask? I am (again) moving. And I am looking forward to it, even though there are many things about my place right now that I like, I think it is a good move. It's is also getting me to (again) reassess and go through my 'stuff' as I'm moving somewhere smaller. I see this as an opportunity to let go of that which I do not need, and do not want. It also falls into one the things on my 101 in 1001, which is #41 - Own only things that are beautiful or useful, or both. I hope that in a while I can check this one off. But for now... back to sorting through books, cds, magazines, etc....

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Sacred Suzie said…
I think you're doing amazing Shannon, way to go letting stuff go in a positive. I know it's stressful now but soon you will have a new home and be finding a place for your stuff and heck, you will have your own laundry! That's worth it in itself.
Kim Carney said…
from a not-so-good-filer to another ;) Great shot!
Jamie said…
I love that shot. It definitely looks like you at home. Here's to your new space, an inviting, soul-nurturing space, one that's rich with beautiful and useful "stuff" and.

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