Card of the Day: Three of Swords - June 29/07

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Ah, the Three of Swords. This is the single most frequent card I draw and/or shows up in spread since I started reading tarot cards (around 15 years ago). It looks so happy, yes? Perhaps not. Let's see what the interpretation says, how I should so know it by heart but that may just be the reason it keeps coming up.

The Three of Swords signifies painful and difficult experiences, particulary sorrow associated with something coming to an end or being destroyed. (from Understanding Tarot p. 104)

Well, I'm all for ending sorrow. Maybe that's it though, maybe I'm not and that is why it keeps appearing. Time to let go.


Sacred Suzie said…
Holy cow Shannon, that is a very interesting and fascinating interpretation! I had never thought of it that way, that until you deal with that particular pain you're stuck in that space, that card.

I'm sorry that you keep getting this card and are, perhaps, having a difficult time moving forward.

BTW, I used to get that card a lot.

I love that you're doing this, fascinating! Do you mind if I steal the idea a little?
Shannon said…
You go right ahead and play with this idea Suzie! I actually got the idea from Jamie, I know she does this (not the posting but picking a card every day) and I thought it would be a great way to reconnect with the Tarot.
Sacred Suzie said…
Thanks Shannon! I agree, it's a great way to reconnect with the tarot. I have a new deck I bought myself for my bday and it's very different than the traditional tarot so I'm relearning them and I do one card a day to try and figure them out, I just never thought about posting it.

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