Card of the Day: Nine of Wands - June 28/07

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In an endevour to learn more, or to work on re-learning the tarot I've decided to take up the practice of drawing a card a day. Today it was the Nine of Wands.

I did my cards this am, well I pulled a card for the day. I want to get to know my cards better so I intend to do this every am. I got the 9 of wands and the description was about having confidence from past successes and persistance. I wanted to beleive this but I was mostly confused because this seems to be one of the few things I don't feel strong about. I feel like I've muddled through a lot, come a long way, did the best with what I had and such but not really say had success in the traditional sense (make goal, seek goal, acheive goal). Although, I've never quite been a traditional person and don't really strive to be. I also get confused just thinking aout what I consider sucess and if you don't know what it is its so much harder and/or unlikely to acheive. What successes did it mean? Do I have confidence? Hmmm....


Sacred Suzie said…
Perhaps you need to redefine what the cards mean by success?

When I see this card I think of internal strength and conviction, in a way that is only earned by difficult and challenging circumstances. It proves we are capable of things we didn't think was possible, aka like me climbing Mount Wells.
Shannon said…
I think redefining success might be part of what it's saying. But also to acknowledge accomplishments even if they weren't neccessarily what you set out to acheive.

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